Live Q&A Session - 17 April

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On Friday 17 April we held an interactive online meeting with the local ward Councillors and representatives of Newtown Community Association. Following a presentation of the detailed scheme, we held a Q&A session, giving everyone an opportunity to ask their questions about the proposals. Watch the above video clip to see the session introduction.


The following people participated in the meeting:

  • Cllr Jemima Moore
  • Cllr Richard Branston

  • Steve Palmer, Secretary, Newtown Community Association

  • Doris Marcelo, Newtown Community Association

  • Jackie Holstock, Newtown Community Association

  • Nikki Milican, Newtown Community Association

Jayne Leaver, the Newtown Community Builder, was invited to join the meeting but due to more pressing commitments related to Covid-19, Jayne was unable to join us. Councillor Vizard also sent his apologies.

The following members of the project team were also on the meeting:

  • Emma Osmundsen, Managing Director, Exeter City Living

  • Tomas Gaertner, Director Architect Passivhaus Designer, SE3Design

  • Dominic Clifton, Associate, Clifton Emery Design Ltd

  • Alex Wozniczko, Development Planning Director, AWP (Highways and engineering)

  • Justin Pickford, Partner, Baker Ruff Hannon (Project Management)

  • Paloma Hermoso, Senior Project Manager, Baker Ruff Hannon

  • Anita Craig, Consultation Advisor, Avril Baker Consultancy

To make the information from this Q&A session as accessible as possible, we have cut the video session into a series of shorter clips.  Click on the links below to view each question.


Car parking

Green Street Part 1

Car charging points

Community Hub

Green Street Part 2


Pollution & Air Quality

Reuse of leisure centre building materials

House prices

Portland Street

Rifle range building

Project timetable


S106 Payments

Underground gases

End of session / closing comments

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